Welcome to Yoga with Gemma Linaker
A place of community to hold space for individual growth through movement, creativity and stillness.

Yoga classes in
Warrington and online

Yoga with Gemma Linaker is a community of students who aim to inspire each other through physical practice, meditation and personal growth. We offer a weekly community yoga class, private tuition both in person and online, holistic therapies, workplace yoga and FREE yoga classes over on our YouTube channel. We also have FREE parking over at our weekly community yoga class.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to enhance physical and mental well-being. We are a growing community which encourages each other to look deeper into ones body and soul and light up the fire within.

Here with Gemma there is something for everyone, even the complete beginner. We are a community that inspires each other to move, connect and explore. We would love for you to join our expanding family in person or online.

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down – Jigar Gor


Gemma creates a safe and comforting environment, where everyone is made to feel welcome and you can allow yourself the 'you time' we all deserve. There is no judgement or pressure during the yoga classes and I always come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Gemma is by far the most wonderful instructor I have ever had. She has not only helped to shape my yoga journey, but also on a personal level and even with my business. The massages I have had were also incredible. A wonderful and special lady, who I am now honoured to call my friend. x

Helen Totton

I've just completed the 5 week beginners course and loved it! Gemma is a great teacher and her passion for yoga is really inspiring. She's very patient and supportive and has created a really lovely atmosphere for all her students. I'm really looking forward to joining some of her other classes now I've got the yoga bug! thanks muchly, Gemma!

Kate Farmer

When I first started with Gemma I was a total novice, so was nervous about what to expect. After my first class with Gemma, I instantly fell in love with yoga. She has the ability to put you at ease whilst getting you to push your body to its limits and beyond. Over the weeks I have seen an improvement in my flexibility which I never thought was possible. Gemma has also helped to improve my mindset and general well being. Thanks for being an incredible yoga teacher!

Ben Houghton

I can’t believe I haven’t written this sooner but it’s hard to describe how much I love Gemma’s yoga classes. I first came to her Yoga class as a complete beginner in early Spring and I absolutely love it! Gemma is so warm and kind and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. It’s brilliant having a small, intimate class and I’ve never felt the need to compare my practice to the others who are more advance as Gemma gives clear direction and different options depending on your level of ability. I would highly recommend Gemma’s classes to any complete beginner but also to anyone who is regularly practicing yoga as she is such a fantastic teacher!

Suzy Carrington

I cannot rate Gemma highly enough. Not only is the space she holds tranquil and calm but Gemma is a really fantastic teacher and one the nicest people I now have the pleasure of knowing. Obviously she has a very advanced practice and the way she moves is amazing, but she never makes you feel intimidated, just inspired. She breaks each pose down, gives different modifications and options and offers cues at every stage. Yoga for me isn’t just exercise, although Gemma’s classes are strong and afterwards I feel like I have worked out, I like how she incorporates mindfulness and mediation into her classes too. I look forward to her classes every week and I always feel better and lighter for it and I learn something new every time! Sx

Sara Williams

The best yoga classes I have ever had. Gaining strength and confidence each week, whilst recovering from serious back problems. Gemma’s time, patience and encouragement makes yoga a highlight of the week. It’s challenging but without pressure and lovely small classes which ensure you are supported in a really special atmosphere. Perfect

Laura Cooper